Municipal Media Solutions was founded to act as an agent for government entities interested in generating revenue through online advertising.

With over a dozen government and quasi government clients, we have a well-developed understanding of the needs, questions, and concerns associated with both the concept of advertising and the potential implementation of this new revenue stream.

Over the last 12+ years we have helped governments and their agencies generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue with minimal effort on their side.

We do all the work with the exception of an initial implementation effort by the website owners -- and there is no implementation fee we charge our government partners.

And it doesn't have to be a website, we can help you generate revenue through your apps, whether iOS or Android, and the email you send to your subscribers.

Do you have a podcast? Well, we'd be happy to help you monetize that one as well. Call us at 847-922-1584, email us at info@municipalmedia.com, or just use our contact form.