Why Advertise on a Government Website?

1. Highly Targetable Audiences

With over 30 years of collective experience in the digital media realm, we understand the value of an efficient marketing campaign. The geographic targeting capabilities of our websites allow you to pinpoint your target market down to the very zip code. This feature permits advertisers to place their advertisements in front of the right people.

2. Known Demographics

For each of our large website partners, we will be able to provide you with ComScore data which vividly illustrates the demographics associated with each website’s visitors. This data will give you a better understanding of who will be viewing your advertisements. MMS is proud to provide an array of websites which cover a variety of demographics. We are very confident that you will be able to find the exact market you are looking for within our inventory of websites.

3. Engaged Users

Advertising on municipal websites gives you the advantage of displaying advertisements to engaged viewers. Most users visiting a municipal website are already in an information gathering mode; therefore, when they view an advertisement that appeals to them, they do not hesitate to seek further information.

4. Valuable For National and Local Advertisers Alike

MMS provides a large inventory of websites that appeal to both national and local advertisers. Whether you wish to display your advertisements across an entire website or prefer to only display an advertisement on a particular page of a website, our infrastructure allows us to cater to your needs.