Why Allow Advertising?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider placing advertisements on your website.

1. New Revenue Stream

To put it simply, monetizing your web traffic means free money. With our help, and very little effort, your website and/or email messages will become mini revenue centers. Our entire philosophy is focused on helping government entities generate new revenue without placing an increased burden on the shoulders of their constituents. The additional revenue streams created by online advertising will allow you to better serve the constituencies that depend on you.

2. It Doesn't Cost You Anything

There are no start up, maintenance or membership fees involved with our service. With just a little bit of set up time on your end, we will have your website generating revenue with no cost to you. MMS operates on a gross revenue sharing basis. You will receive 60% of all of the revenue while we receive 40%, using our share to cover all of the costs and time associated with:

  • Sales
    • Developing Sales Collateral and Materials
    • Development of Advertising Packages and Pricing
    • Generating and Closing Sales Leads
  • Management
    • Billing, Collections, and Reconciliation
    • Managing Advertiser Relationships
    • Ongoing Program Management
    • Ad Trafficking and Reporting
    • Advertising Content Control
  • Technology
    • Ad Server Management
    • Technical Support
    • Customer Service

3. Complete Advertisement Content Control

As our partner, you will have complete content control over all advertising displayed on your website. In other words you, like our existing clients, will not have to worry about advertisements hurting the reputation of your website.

4. You Are In Demand

Advertisers already want to be on your site because your municipality or agency has an outstanding relationship, and is engaged, with the audiences advertisers are looking for. These audiences currently visit your website, receive your emails, and subscribe to your e-newsletters. Moreover, the population you serve generally reflects a specific demographic group, which makes targeting easier for local, regional, and national advertisers alike.